Top 5 Strains To Kickstart Your Morning

If you are an avid wake and baker, then you are probably well aware that certain strains are better for smoking in the morning than others. Typically, you are seeking an effect that will give you a nice boost, just like a cup of coffee would. These 5 strains are guaranteed to elevate your morning - and your energy levels!

1. Jack Herer

This is one of the most popular cannabis strains and it is commonly known for its' mood and energy boosting effects. With roughly 24% THC, you can expect increased focus with simultaneous relaxation. This citrusy strain offers a perfectly well-rounded high that will keep your spirits lifted and your mind focused throughout the day.

2. Sour Diesel

Despite its' powerful THC contents, coming in at 25%, Sour Diesel will give you an amazing, energizing boost without the "couch lock". Many have reported increased creativity when smoking it, and it is also known to aid with depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue.

3. Pineapple Express

Most popularly known from the movie with Seth Rogan and James Franco, this fruity strain will leave you feeling relaxed and elevate your creativity. It is the perfect strain for doing creative work and reading.

4. Chocolate Thai

By far the rarest strain on the list, this delicious Sativa will pair perfectly with your morning cup of Joe. You can expect to experience a smooth, cerebral high and a burst of energy and creativity. It is also an optimal strain for those who are less experienced/have a lower tolerance.

5. Green Crack

This powerful Sativa will undoubtedly get you moving even on your most sluggish days. Coming in at a whopping 25% THC, Green Crack will provide you with laser focus and long-lasting energy to get you through your busiest days.

And there you have it! While there are plenty other fantastic strains to get your day started, these are among the top favorites. So rise and shine and get your wake and bake on!

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