Flower vs Concentrates

If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, you've probably weighed in on the flower vs. concentrate argument with other weed enthusiasts. There is no wrong method to consume clean cannabis, whether you like dabs to doobies or joints to vapes. Marijuana has been legalized in more than half of the United States, and it is now considered acceptable for recreational usage. We now live in a world where we may debate the best method to get high: concentrate vs. flower.

Popular Forms of Cannabis

There is a plethora of methods to get high these days, and that's because there are! Legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis has swept the country in recent years, opening up a whole new universe of ways to get high. Chemists, food scientists, manufacturing experts, and branding strategists have all jumped in to find the most efficient, effective, and novel ways to ingest cannabis, and the market is just going to become bigger.


Lighting a joint, sparking a bowl, or ripping a bong full of amazing flower is the most original and classic method to get high. Cannabis that has been properly dried and cured is a visual, olfactory, and gustatory joy. Marijuana, in its purest form, is a lovely and enjoyable experience to have alone or with friends.


Concentrates, like hashish, have been around for a long time, but current technology has elevated the art of extraction to a whole new level. Some, including ice wax, rosin, and solventless, are still created with water and ice. A surprising variety of hash oil is created utilizing hydrocarbons and sophisticated equipment. The output can be a shatter, budder, live resin, wax, crumble, honeycomb, sap, sauce, or snap ‘n pull, depending on the technique and type of flower used.

The formats are one-of-a-kind, but the consuming methods elevate the smoking experience. Concentrates can be utilized in personal vape pens, bowl toppings, or poured onto or inside joints, among other things.

Concentrate vs flower

Both flower and concentrate are great ways to consume cannabis, and the choice is primarily dependent on time of consumption, setting, or even strain. They are, nevertheless, very distinct in terms of form and function, as well as mental and bodily impacts. When comparing concentrate vs. flower, the potency is the most significant difference.

Concentrate High

A concentration is a cannabis product that has been substantially concentrated. THC levels in dried flower range from 10-28 percent, however concentrates can have THC levels ranging from 40 percent to even 80 percent. As a result, a vape pen hit can produce a lot higher high than a joint hit, and it will most likely last much longer. Within minutes after inhaling, the benefits usually kick in.

A concentrate high is strong and fast-acting, with a far more powerful bodily sensation. Side effects like red eyes and a dry mouth are more noticeable, but advantages like full-body relaxation and reduced stress and anxiety are as well.

Many individuals describe the experience of smoking or vaping concentrates as smoother and softer on the lungs than burning flower. Vaping concentrates with live resin is a really tasty experience. Every puff is like chewing on a piece of luscious fruit gum, made to enhance the strain's natural terpenes.

It's best to start slowly with concentrates and keep track of how much you're using. A concentrate high can be very intense for persons who have only used flower before, causing some unpleasant side effects.

Flower High

Just because a concentrate has the ability to provide a stronger high than flower doesn't mean that smoking weed isn't beneficial! It's easy to get carried away puffing a perfectly rolled, newly cured bud. The social aspect of smoking pot adds to the ease, and "just one hit" quickly develops into mild paranoia with a serious attack of the munchies. Smoking flower might take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour to accumulate.

The high varies according on strain and potency, and can provide effects ranging from light drowsiness to increased vigor. Because the CBD serves to balance the euphoric effects of the THC, many 1:1 strains allow light cannabis users to smoke more with milder effects. Some individuals believe that smoking flower is the most natural method to ingest this plant, while others like the flavor and typical "stoned" sensation that smoking bud provides.

Final Thoughts…..

It's possible that the reasons for choosing flower or concentrate have nothing to do with the high. Perhaps the decision is influenced by convenience, cost, or social circumstances. Why make a decision at all? Have your flower and vape it at the same time. However, somebody who is a purist on either side of the flower vs. concentration issue may still conclude, "but if you had to pick..."

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