Elevated Exercise - An Alternative Runner's High?

Despite the “lazy stoner” stereotype that most people associate with marijuana users, the plant is actually commonly used by people in conjunction with exercise and may even offer some benefits for their workouts.

A recent study was conducted at the University of Colorado in Boulder regarding cannabis users and exercise. Researcher and social psychologist, Angela Bryan, made some profound discoveries in her study.

Contrary to the stoner cliché, she found remarkable evidence that cannabis consumers had a lower incidence of obesity compared to their non-using counterparts.

How could that be the case, you may ask. Don’t marijuana smokers just sit on the couch and eat all day? Think again.

The study revealed that consuming cannabis prior to a workout seems to produce a euphoric feeling, comparable to a “runner’s high”. That feeling is often what motivates people to continue working out and actually enjoy their workout.

A similar study found evidence that test subjects had increased levels of anandamide, an endocannabinoid molecule, after completing a workout.

This means it is possible cannabis users may be able to get a head start and kickoff those euphoric feelings earlier on, according to Bryan.

Aside from promoting one’s desires to exercise and the positive experience they encounter from it, cannabis may also aid in recovery. As many know, exercise does put stress on the body, hence why it needs to recovery afterwards.

One component of this stress is caused by something called cytokines, a chemical that is released post-exercise. Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, has proven to reduce those stress-inducing cytokines and hence relieve soreness after a workout.

As the cannabis industry continues to break long-held stigmas and push for nationwide legalization, more and more studies are being conducted that reveal all of the wonderful benefits it has to offer.

Have you tried incorporating cannabis into your exercise routine? If you haven't, why not give it a shot! (With approval from your physician, of course.)

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