Medical Marijuana Benefits

Medical Marijuana offers numerous health benefits and provides patients with a more natural, and low-risk treatment option for a variety of ailments.


Reduces Nausea And Vomiting

Cannabis has potent anti-nausea effects. It can cause nausea and vomiting through its effect on the central nervous system. Research has shown the THC blocks the potentially nausea-inducing effects of the body's on endocannabinoids


Sleep Aid

THC appears to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and increase stage 4 sleep, but reduce REM sleep. Reducing REM sleep means reducing dreams (which means reduced nightmares - great for people who suffer from PTSD).


Promotes Brain Growth

THC activates the "CB1 receptor" in our brains. This promotes a process known as long-term potentiation which improves the brain's ability to learn. THC, like CBD, also causes brain cells in the hippocampus to grow.


Natural Pain Relief

Studies show that the cannabis compound in THC activates pathways in the central nervous system that block pain signals from being sent to the brain.

Increases Appetite

Researchers have found that THC interacts with the same type of receptors in the hypothalamus that releases hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger.


Helps Treat PTSD

Some psychiatrists say THC-rich cannabis is the best treatment for PTSD. Studies have confirmed that THC eases a variety of PTSD-related symptoms including aggitation, depression, insomnia, flashbacks and nightmares.

Choosing Your Strain

Strains are used to differentiate between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. It refers to the specific breed of each individual plant. Over the years, familial strains have divided into specific subsections. Though strains may have similarities, there are also many differences.


Sativa strains have an uplifting effect and offer a cerebral high that includes laughter, thinking creativity, and a positive mood.


Indica strains have a relaxing, sedative effect, often used to reduce stress, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety.


Hybrid strains offer a mix of effects, combining the traits they inherited from their parent strains. Hybrids are known to offer a relaxing body effect, create balance of mind and body, and limit anxiety.

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